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Пакет SPSS


Иллюстрированный самоучитель по SPSS
Электронный учебник справочник по SPSS


На английском языке
Amos 5.0 — Specifications
Target the Right People More Effectively
DecisionTime and WhatIf
Stronger Performance Through Customer Insight
Deepen Your Understanding of Your Customers
Get the right sample size the first time
Deploy SPSS Results Enterprise-Wide
More Accurately Analyze Complex Relationships
Comprehensive Statistical Software
Reveal Underlying Relationships in Categorical Data
Easily Identify Groups and Predict Outcomes
Correctly and Easily Compute Statistics for Complex Samples
Uncover What Drives Your Customers’ Purchase Decisions
Effective Surveys for Accurate Data
Seamless Survey Research
Easy, Accurate Data Collection
More Accurately Analyze Small Datasets
SPSS for instruction
Chart a Course for Better Decision Making
Build Better Models When You Fill in the Blanks
Make Better Predictions With Powerful Regression Procedures
Increase Productivity and Facilitate Decision Making
Create Custom Tables in No Time
Gain Full Value from Text Responses
Improve Your Forecasts With Time-series Data Analysis

Analysis for Decision Makers
What’s New in SPSS 13.0 for Windows


SPSS 12.0 Русская версия
SPSS 13.0 Русская и английская версии
SPSS Answer Tree 3.0
SPSS SigmaPlot 8.0
SPSS SigmaStat 3.0

SPSS DeltaGraph 5.0.1
SPSS Web Deployment Framework 2.4
SPSS SmartViewer 11.5

Служебный софт с описаниями и инструкциями на русском языке:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 (русский) -для просмотра файлов в формате .pdf
2. Djvu плагин к Internet Explorer (английский) -для просмотра файлов в формате .djvu
3. Архиватор WinRar 3.24 (русский) - для распаковки и создания архивированных файлов

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