Графики тех анализа


Types of Charts
The interpretation of price action and forecasting in Technical Analysis can be done by using, a number of different charts, seperately or in conjunction with one another as each has its own characteristics and advantages.
line chart - линейный график
The Line chart
The closing prices are joined to form a line chart. The latter is useful as closing prices are seen as a very important indicator of the trend. The line chart is also a clear diagram as the direction can be identified at first glance. Traditional technical techniques such as trendlines, moving averages and momentum
э: ei interpretation — толкование
э: to forecast - прогнозировать

d3A in conjunction
— совместно
0: advantage
- преимущество
to join
— соединять
э a: at 'first 'glance
— с первого взгляда
Bar Chart
- график отрезков (гистограмма)

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