What is the formula for

5. What is the formula for RSI?

6. What does a stochastic oscillator measure? A stochastic oscillator measures where closing price is in relation to total price range.
7. Where are closing prices in uptrend?
Uptrend closing prices are in the upper end of the range.
8. What lines does a stochastic oscillator use? Two lines are used: %K line, more solid and sensitive and %D line, smoothed version of the %K line.
9. What is the formula for a stochastic oscillator?
The Formula is %K = 100 C-Lx/Hx-Lx],
Lx Ч Lowest low of last x period,
Hx Ч Highest high of last x period,
%D = Moving average of %K 3 day smoothed is used
with 5 day. An example of the stochastic oscillator is shown below:

Ex. 2. Put questions to the underlined words.
Ex. 3. Find verbals and state their syntactical function in the sentence.
Ex. 4. Make a syntactical analysis of the sentences difficult for translation.
Ex. 5. Read and translate the text.