Who produces the fair value

Comprehension Questions

1. Who produces the fair value of the currency?
2. Why do currency prices fluctuate?
3. What is the technician's challenge?
4. What are the basic principles of traditional Technical Analysis?
5. How does history repeat itself?
6. Why do markets discount everything?
7. What approaches in forecasting yield good results?
8. By what events are markets driven now?
9. What precede upcoming political and economic events?
10. What saying reflects this process?
11. In what way do central banks influence financial markets?
12. How are the weaknesses of fundamental analysis complemented?
13. What are the guidelines that newcomers to forecasting should observe?


Ex.1. Learn the terms and verb collocations and make up 20 sentences with them.

to agree about the price to produce a fair value to strengthen (to weaken) to run into selling pressure (buying interest) to grow in popularity to be reflected in the price to reflect shifts in Supply, and Demand to gauge changes in trend to be based on psychology to work in the past to lie in the past to estimate future direction to identify patterns to ride the rising trends to show signs of a reversal to discount everything to capture market sentiment to implement a trading plan to use technical approaches to be in agreement with
Ex. 2. Put questions to the underlined words in the text and let your partner answer them.
Ex. 3. Select the subordinate clauses and state of what kind they are (object clause, attributive clause
adverbial modifier clause of time, place, cause, etc.)
Ex. 4. Read and translate the text.
Ex. 5. Draw up a plan of the text and render it.