CD «Пакет Mathcad» - Дополнения к софту 3

Дополнительный инструментарий для совместной работы с Mathcad 2000 Professional 3

Visio (In a Scripted Object Component)
1. visio1 -Visio programmable drawing
2. visio2 -Visio RC Circuit diagram in Mathcad
3. visio -Visio RC Circuit diagram in MathConnex
4. XorLogic -Visio Logic diagram in Mathcad

1. ICAPS -Simulation of an RLC circuit using Visio for the active schematic drawing and Intusoft’s ICAPs package for the simulation. Requires Visio and ICAP/4 V8.1 or greater to run.
2. SimpRLC -Netlist file used in the above example.

Excel Component (requires Excel for Windows 95 or higher)
1. Excel
2. Lottery
3. Sunspot
4. Wavefrm1
5. Wavefrm2
6. Traject -Mathcad embedded in an Excel worksheet