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Теханализ -Торговый инструмент для AIQ Trading Expert 5

VP Trend
1. Price new high not confirmed by high in VP Trend
2. VP Trend slope down while price slope is up
3. VP Trend slope up while price slope is down
Chart Pattern strategies
1. Close within the bottom quarter of yesterdays trading range
2. Double botton strategy 2
3. Double bottom strategy
4. Double top strategy
5. Expansion Breakout
6. Inside Day
Chart Custom Indicators
1. ADNoncumulative
2. A/D Ratio
3. Arms' Ease of Movement Value
4. ARMS Index
5. Breadth Advance Decline Indicator
6. Breadth Thrust
7. Chaikin Oscillator
8. Chaikin's Volatility
9. Haurlan Index
10. Market Thrust Indicator
11. McClellan Oscillator
12. Median Price
13. Market Thrust Oscillator Indicator
14. Schultz Adv/Tot Issues
15. Spread ---Difference in price between 2 securities
16. Typical Price
17. Unchanged Issues Index
18. Volume Rate-of-Change
19. Weighted close
20. Williams % R
Combination Basic Indicator Strategits
2. Bollinger Bands tighten with low volatility
3. ER Down and decreasing trendscore
4. ER Up and decreasing trendscore
5. OBVPct anad VAPct are negative
6. OBVPct anad VAPct are positive
7. Volume Filters
8. Volume spikes and good price movements
Data Maintenansce Strategies
1. Find extreme volatility stocks
2. Find thinly traded stocks based on spread
3. PriceCheck

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